At Wesley Andrews, we believe in the power of relationships. It was out of our passion for genuine connection and meaningful conversation that our company was born. We desire to make real relationships the lifeblood of our products. From our Uniquely processed beans grow by Paul and Kevin Doyle from MIkava Estates in Colombia, to our hand selected tea leaves from the Juyuan Villiage in Fujiyan, China, our desire is to represent each unique tea and coffee and their respective farmers well.

When you sit down with a cup of Wesley Andrews tea or coffee, rest assured that you're enjoying a product that was ethically and sustainably sourced, and that everyone involved with our brand, from production to consumption, is treated fairly. We believe that by harnessing the power of valuable, transparent, and ethical coffee and tea, and combining them into one coined phrase, "conversation complements," we've created the perfect incubator for not only deep, enjoyable conversation, but also for a unique, and communal experience enjoying tea and coffee in their truest forms.