Moonlight White

Moonlight White

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Coming from the mountainous Qingmenkou village in Pu’erh, this Yunnan White tea is hand made on a small 2 Hectare farm by Liu Ying. Sun dried and rolled into 8 Gram balls, white teas like this are perfect for aging, and will only get better over time! The transitional flavors of Orchid, Artichoke, and Chestnut develop with each consecutive steeping to a rich, heavy bodied floral tea.

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IMPORTER: Wesley Andrews

BEST BREW: 8oz Gaiwan


Region: Qingmenkou Village

Process: Sun Dried, 8g Pearls

Variety: Snow Bud 100

Tree Age: 12 years old

Elevation: 1650M

Producer: Liu Ying - Lexin Tea Farm

Picking: May 29th 2018


Heat water kettle to 200°F

Place 1 tea ball in your Gaiwan

Fill Gaiwan 3/4 with water (6-8oz) and cover with lid

Let steep for 10 seconds, progressively extending brew time

Strain tea into cups or decanter

Repeat until the flavor fades


Commodity Price: $2.29/kg

Fair Trade Minimum Price: $3.39/kg

Total Purchase Price: $107.46/kg

Amount purchased: 4 Kilograms

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Notes from Johan:

Liu Ying, I can honestly say, is one of the most enjoyable people to spend time with. When we first met, she sat down with me at Torch Coffee in Pu’erh and told me all about how she got here. Coming from the International Finance industry in Beijing, she retired around 2012, and decided she wanted to live on a tea farm, and learn to produce the teas that she loved so much. fast forward a few years, and she is producing teas for her friends and family, who are grateful to have a source of quality, transparent, organic teas. While Liu doesn’t produce high quantities of tea, she is excited to share her teas and culture with us through these limited offerings.

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