WEST LAKE Dragonwell

WEST LAKE Dragonwell


Coming from Xihu, Hangzhou, this is some of the most sought after tea in China. Most Dragonwell Tea comes from the larger Hangzhou region, and very few teas from West Lake are ever exported. In its original packaging from Cai Ling, this tea was finished by the tea master herself. Picked on April 1st, it is certified “Pre QingMing Festival”. Each package comes with a unique code which can be used to verify authenticity. This delicate and extremely fragrant tea fills your senses with honeysuckle, buttered pecan, and heavy mouthfeel. The Rose Paper packaging allows it to be refrigerated for extended life, making this a perfect gift!

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IMPORTER: Wesley Andrews



Region: West Lake!

Process: Machine Dried, Hand Fried by Master Cai Ling

Variety: Longjing 43

Tree Age: 5-10 years old

Elevation: 250M

Producer: Shao Cai Ling

Picking: April 2, 2019 (PRE QING MING)


3 Grams of Dragonwell

Water at 185F

Fill decanter with 300 Grams of water

Add tea directly into water

Steep for 4 minutes, or until half of the leaves begin to sink

Serve into cups, and enjoy! For second steep, add 2 more leafs

Want to learn more about Dragonwell? Here is a great article about this amazing tea!



Commodity Price: $2.29/kg

Fair Trade Minimum Price: $3.39/kg

Total Purchase Price: $428.65/kg

Amount purchased: 1.5 Kilograms

Estimated Shipping: $10.00/kg

Notes from Johan:

An old friend of my Tea Master, Peter, we met Cai Ling in her home in West Lake. Doubling as the center of her tea factory, we walked into the wafting smell of toasted greens and the sweetness of honey. That evening, Cai Ling sat down with us for some tea after a long day of work. After an hour of conversation, she concluded that I was not there simply to buy and sell tea, but actually cared about the people and culture. The next day, she made time for us to taste teas that she made herself, and teach me about the intricacies of Dragonwell. After falling in love with this particular tea, she decided to sell her tea beyond China for the first time in her life. In the end, we agreed “Next time, you will teach me more English, and I will show you more secrets of tea”

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