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Colombia Risaralda Red Bourbon


Colombia Risaralda Red Bourbon


Colombia Risaralda Red Bourbon




10oz (283.5g)

We are so excited to launch our first truly direct source coffee! We have been working directly with Mikava Estates the past few months to bring you this incredible new offering from Colombia.

The crew down there has used an amazing unique process for this coffee called Carbonic Maceration. If that sounds familiar, it’s because it is a process that has been used for years in wine making.

Here is a brief description of Carbonic Maceration in the words of Kevin from Mikava:

Carbonic Maceration is basically fermenting the coffee cherries after pulping within a controlled environment in an air sealed container injected with C02. Since C02 is heavier than air, it easily removes all oxygen. Starving the fruit with oxygen naturally releases present enzymes. These enzymes have a similar function to yeast breaking down sugars. This method is used to create a sweeter more floral cup.

We hope you enjoy this delicious new offering! We can’t wait for all the awesome coffee that will come from this incredible new partnership with Mikava!

REGION | Risaralda

PRODUCERS | Mikava Estates

PROCESS | Washed Carbonic

VARIETY | Red Bourbon

ELEVATION | 1720-1800M

Roasts and Ships Tuesdays

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