As a crowd favorite, we do our best to keep an Ethiopian coffee available at all times. This coffee hits all the marks! Sweet Juniper berry, a pleasant floral high note, and some lemon-lime acidity gives you everything you hope for in a natural Ethiopia.

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IMPORTER: Cafe Imports



Region: Haro Wachu, Uraga, Oromia, Guji

Process: Natural

Variety: Bourbon, Typica

Elevation: 2100-2310M

Producer: Smallholder Farms Delivering to Wolichu Wachu

Harvest: October 2018-February 2019


1:16 Coffee to Water Ratio (or 3Tbs Coffee to 16oz Water)

Grind Coffee medium (7 on EK 43)

Rinse the paper filter, preheat the decanter.

Saturate the coffee, let bloom for 30 seconds.

Pour 50g of water every 15 seconds until desired amount.

Let drain, decant, and enjoy!


All of the information below is expressed in an effort to share with you the impact that our coffee has on the communities and countries around us. The total costs associated in purchasing and roasting green coffee become so detailed and specific that it can become unclear. We want to share with you how the specialty coffee community can benefit the farmers we work with. We have included both our total cost (including importing and receiving the coffee at our Roaster) and our shipping cost, in an effort to shed light on that impact.

Commodity Price: $1.12/lb

Fair Trade Minimum Price: $1.60/lb

Total Purchase Price: $4.32/lb

Amount purchased: 132lbs/bag Spot Purchase

Estimated Shipping: $0.60/lb

Having one of the WORLD’S BEST COFFEE IMPORTERS right here in Minneapolis is lucky to say the least! We have been working with them since way back before we even sold coffee, and they have always been accommodating no matter what size our purchase. Cafe Imports always has an abundance of transparently sourced, high quality and delicious coffees. Whether we are in a pinch, or are just looking for a delicious coffee to roast, they always come through.

*All pricing information above is in reference to the time of purchase